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Objective: Senso is a mobile banking app that empowers millennials to budget and to understand how they spend their money to make attainable financial goals.
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  • Bank accounts don't allow for daily budgeting.

  • Budgeting apps are usually external and require you to link to your already existing bank accounts.

  • A banking app that allows you to manually or automatically add funds and budget within the account.

  • User-friendly and manageable.

  • Mobile banking apps: Koho, Wealth Simple 

  • Budgeting apps: Mint Intuit, Wally

  • The user can easily view their balance, income, and spending.

  • They can quickly create and assess their budget buckets. 

  • Users can quickly view their most recent transaction per category. 

  • Users can easily check if they're on track with their spending. 

  • A graph is used to help users visualize where the majority of their income is going.

  • Users can view what they most recently spent on for the month. 

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