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The ALS Society of Canada is working to change what it means to live with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an unrelenting and currently terminal disease.


This project is to update the ALS Canada newsletter for a more branded, engaging, and impactful look and feel.

Type of project: Engaging Networks Email Template

Role: UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer


Responsibilities: User research, visual design, prototyping

  • The look and feel of the previous newsletter is outdated and no longer represented the ALS Canada brand.

  • ALS Canada needed a newsletter template that allowed for flexibility for different content bi-monthly but is consistent with each issue.

Design Goals: 
  • An updated newsletter template for a more modern, engaging, and impactful look and feel.

  • A consistent layout that allows the flexibility to adjust to the newsletter content.

  • Content organization and hierarchy.

Newsletter Objectives:
  • Promote ALS Canada, their mission, and resources.

  • Educate readers about new and continuing research, new drugs, ALS services.

  • Share successes and announce upcoming events

  • Relationship builder.

The ALS Canada newsletter template has to accommodate the different types of articles the organization tends to cover. Through implementing information hierarchy, blocks for two main feature articles were added to the top of the newsletter, followed by four alternating articles, ending with two spotlight stories.
Second Design Concept:
Two different design concepts were presented for the newsletter redesign. Both concepts use the ALS Canada brand colours and fonts. This option is more condensed and uses less imagery. The idea behind this layout is to focus on giving a short overview of the different stories and where readers can quickly read through and decided on what they want to learn more about. 
Newsletter 2023 - Email banners_v3.jpg
Newsletter 2023 - Email banners_v32.jpg
Graphics and brand alignment:
The banners were created following the ALS Canada brand guidelines. The first concept represents the newsletter in icons. The second concept depicts different areas of the ALS Canada organization in photos.
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